Hindustan- 30 Mar 2017 ईडब्ल्यूएस वर्ग से भी पैसे ले रहे स्कूल

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Jadater school ews me books or dress ke paise le rhe hai jab humne pujha ki ews ka dress ka books ka koi paise nhi hai to Hasan aye ki humre school me free nhi hai apko pay krna pdega
Mujhe books ke liye 1725 aur dress ke liye 3500 rupees dene pade. School walon ne bola kewal fees nahin lagega baki books aur dress to apko khud se kharidna padega

Dear All

Send complaint to http://doepvt.delhi.gov.in/

Complaint to Education Min sent by Mr Vohra

Books n stationary ar3 free for the ews category. Parents plz pay mt kijiyga qki under law koi bhi fee applicable nhi h ews category pr
Lekin maine jab class teacher se pucha to unhone bola ki apko pay karna padega. Only fees nahin pay karni baki books, stationery, dress aur transport in sabke liye apko pay karna padega

Dear All Pls see recent guidelines by DOE

Point no 23


Rest schools misuse their autonomy

School has charged amount for school books, and for uniform as they said they have not received any amount fron govt, they will refund if they will receive fron govt and one more thing is they told that child addmission is valid only for two year in their school, please confirm if it is true, please confirm we need to apply again next year
See the 10 days old circular above
No if have applied under ews ..you might have to give income certificate every year that incone is less than 1 lac else your admission is valid till 12th grade
Which school is this in Delhi or ncr
School management has charged me 8000 rupees for books and school dress.. these guys are going insane.. government must take strict action against them
Kunwar n other
Sign this petition started by parent of our forum 6 days ago already 6 k parents have signed
Kumwar was your case of gen n ews

Very Sorry state of affairs............and these are schools we are dying to send our children to.


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