Sakshi Mam & other experts pls suggest as I m going to file petition against Santa Maria as it neither disclosed the points not does it disclosed criteria, only displayed the list. Although it's a minority school but the children having similar criteria should have been selected on the basis of draw. They are also not responding to my queries. They cannot discriminate between children.,....

Suggestions pls , fast....

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I hope you have your child admitted to a school first and let this court thing run simultaneously. Because this will carry on for a long time. 

It is minority school have been given autonomy By Hon HC to frame their own guidelines

Rest final call is yours

They r free to follow their own rules but they r not free to do any malpractice/ mismanagement (High Court clearly said).

They cannot discriminate between children other than minority on the basis of Parents income, profession, qualifications, bribe, etc

Whatever criteria is their it should be disclosed.

Because many children in my locality are selected and they do no belong to minority, sibling, alumni, staff,etc

Many minorities are misuing their Autonomy .I concur

File RTI to seek information. As Sakshi Mam mentioned minority schools can frame their own guidelines.

Can RTI be filed against Pvt School also?

It's not a govt institution...

Why not? All Private schools covered under RTI Act. Refer

Earlier it was filed Against DPS Rohini but was stayed in Upper court

I dont think you can as it is private institution


They can file through DOE but High court has given autonomy to Minority and DOE will never do it as they are not taking action against non minority schools only


You can go to the consumer court also. You have paid Rs 25 as registration fees . You have full right to know the school's policy and selection criteria as a consumer. Minority schools can frame their own guidelines for selection but once set/decided , they cannot go on whims and fancies.

True Prakash

But it would be wild goose chase after HC Ruling

Sakshi Mam,

High court ruling not gave freedom to minority schools to select children on the basis of Parents income, profession, qualifications or bribe etc.

But filling in consumer court is not wise.
I have to go to high court.


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