Mr Vohra highlights in media- Parents loosing faith in DOE, as no action is being taken against erring schools !!!

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Retweet on following link , if you are facing same issue.

Why DOE is not taking any action does anyone has any idea, i have seen from beginning of this session.

Yes. Deep Public Vasant Kunj hasn't published anything and not answering phone.

It's true. Parents have lost faith in DOE since no action has been taken so far even after repeated reminders and emails by Mr.Vohra. Accountability and Transparency of education department has become a cornerstone and due to this many parents have lost seats.

Salwan  and many more has also not posted for many branches.

If parents retweet than it will benefit them only, i just saw only one parent retweeted.

Rest all media people are retweeting this tweet.

i have posted comment on twitter tagging all in the tweet .pls check.


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