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With almost one month coming to an end, I hope every parent would have tasted this first step of their child's future. Within this one month I believe, every parent must have gone through some wonderful experiences and even few might have faced some issues.

I have seen many parents(including me) who are linked to same school, sharing same concerns and experiences, but due to lack of networking we just keep those struggles to our self. And thus I just want to use this forum to bring every parent together "AGAIN", and contribute with their chunk of feedback/suggestions for first month at school.

I would encourage everyone on this forum to share every sort of experience/grievance they had with their kid's school. Your experiences/grievances can vary in different parameters, for eg

1. Teachers(Experience/Non-Experience/Quality)

2. Sanitation(Washrooms/Drinking Water)

3. Safety(Transport)

4. Management

5. Fees

I am certain, that even a one liner feedback/suggestion from any parent can initiate the chain of same struggle faced/sorted-out by any other parent. And I am confident AN Team will be again on their front foot(As always), in resolving your matters.

PS: Always Remember .... The More... The Merrier ...!! :-)

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I would like to add my experience about BBPS GR

In my own case My wife & I decided to pickup & drop My son for Few initial months and we found that all such students who are dependent on guardians for pickup/drop are made to sit in the reception arena which is a small place with no fans, in this summer. We raised up this issue in school with all parents and they even made it worse by making all children sit in the open lawn. We have requested Management to let us receive our kids form the classrooms itself, but they have not been able to resolve this simple issue as of now.

I also had been in his PTM today, and I so far I have observed their teachers(Mrs Gurpreet Kaur & Mrs. Neerja) to be very caring & experienced. I was glad to know how they manged their PTM by sending whatsapp and asking parents to come in the different allotted slots. They were giving special encouragement on the EWS parents to please buy books & uniform which I felt was a very positive experience.

I was specially impressed by the way Mrs. Neerja was handling parents and answering each & every single question by any parent. Even if parents didn't had any question she was requesting every parent to not to keep any query with themselves. She even helped the EWS parents who were not able to capture the written syllabus on their boards.Last shock to me was she was a filler for that PTM because the class teacher was out due to an emergency.

I was not at all impressed by the quality of toys, which i think were tool old, broken and full of dirt.

Washroom were clean and they had sufficient number of maids taking care of the children.

PS:If any of you have any contradictory/same experience as me please reply on this chain

I would like to share experience of The Heritage School,Rohini.My son is going to Nursery class from last 15 days.Till now only major concerns come out:
-He is crying on and often and not settled properly-we have taken feedback from his teacher also,as per her he is not following instructions in the class but assured us that she will work on the same along with our support.
-School Transport-School is not providing transport at till 1st class.Parents have to tie up tie up with private cab owners for making their own arrangement. School gate closes at 7.45 a.m. sharp.Till now I am dropping my son ddaily in morning and in afternoon he is coming by cab but when I am dropping him he is crying and that is why not able to settle properly.My point is that hi such a reputed school is not providing school transport. School do not have any control on them in regard to no. Of children they are plying in their cabs.As per rule a single cab is not allowed to have 10 kids but they are plying more that that also and parents do not have control on the same as school is silent on the same fir the last 15 years.Parents will always be concerned about security of their children.

Please suggest solution on above 2 concerns
Rohit Gupta

@Rohit: First of all thanks for bringing out these valid & most common issues in every school...!! Regarding Solution  of these issues

1. Kids crying for few initial days is actually normal, because they are in new environment and seeing new faces everyday. Once they adapt to the new environment & once they get familiar to school teachers & friends will see the change in his behavior. Try to bloat about the school & teachers....Try to ask him his Teachers name....His friends at school... Talk about them continuously... Try to make them understand they are a part of family. Picture School as a playground/park/big mall for them where every child comes and just play for few hours....!! This will lower down his unwillingness towards school..!!

2. Regarding Transport: This is one of the reason this chain has been initiated to bring together all parents community, to socialize and resolve your issues together. You can try to find out the parents living the nearby area of your and can form your own route and arrange a private cab yourself. Or you can communicate with parents facing the same issue, and visit the principal/headmistress together.

I would urge parents of Heritage to share their viewpoint too

Bbps GR ... Which branch is GR?

Simrat: Gr = GangaRam


My daughter has joined Apeejay School, pitampura. I'll write down my experience point by point:

1. Teachers: her class teacher is a nice, experienced lady. Very polite and my child is also happy with her.

2. Sanitation wise, its a reasonable school.

3. Safety: very tight. I'll give 10/10 for that.

4& 5. Management & fees: Not transparent, but thats the same in other schools as well .

Such as we experienced the same treatment about orientation money from DAV, pushpanjali as well.

Fee, in terms of tution fees its not very high. But they have charged a lot in name of orientation fee, development head and annual charges.

So, I feel there needs to be bit more transparency in terms of fee structure schools are charging.


@Sakshi: Such a valid point Sakshi.....I feel Transparency is one of the biggest growing concerns right now. Even I agree BBPS was not transparent in their fee structure


Parents have to fight for their right, as most of schools are defying the recent DOE order.

As last year many parents from same school met the Mr Sisodia personally and action was taken only against those schools whose parents went and met him personally.

@Sakshi: I am in talks with fellow parents and we will first talk to principal regarding this. If no action would be taken, We will definitely take support of government...!!


See this regarding BBPS

Even after this schools are not listening , you need to meet Mr Sisodia.

@Sakshi: Can you guide us.....How should we approach them ?


You can fix appointment.

Some EWS parent posted , he meets on Sunday morning at his residence.(You can google and find )and also confirm from  his Secy.


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