Please rank the following schools  :

Amiown (Pushp Vihar)


gyan Bharti school

birla Vidya niketan


all the schools are not very far from my house. But I am confused as I want a school which can provide overall development of the child and not just acads or just extra curriculars.

Moderators pls help me with the ranking



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Ridhima chhabra

Go for Bluebells for overall development/Academics/Eca.

Rest parents can share inputs.

thanks sakshi 

what about the others? How do u rank them.?

Ridhima chhabra

We don't endorse surveys or rankings.

See parents views on it.

I chose gyan bharti for my son
Which class is ur son in ? And what r your reviews about the school?

Ridhima chhabra

Pls share fee structure of all the schools for 2020-21 to help other parents.


I am new to delhi so i don't know much about this school personally but i have asked almost like 5 to 6 people who are from delhi and they all said that don't even think a bit just go for it so i did it..
My son will join in nursery class....

My daughter is in Bluebells. She is in nursery.

It has been a great experience till now. I will list some specifics from my experience with my daughter:

1. We had consciously decided not to speak in English at home. My daughter could neither understand nor speak English when she started nursery. Bluebells teachers interact with students in both hindi and english. My daughter was at ease. And, within 2 months she was speaking english sentences. In the last 6 months, her vocabulary has expanded and now she is fluent in English.

2. My daughter's teachers (there are 2 teachers in each class) are very attentive to each student's individual needs. A few months ago, in a PTM, they told me that they felt that my daughter has an ear for music and suggested that we explore that. We were surprised because my husband and I are not musically talented at all :-) As an experiment, we enrolled her in a keyboard class a month ago, and she is already playing above her age group. At her keyboard teacher's recommendation, she is starting her Hindustani classical music training. We would have never discovered this side of hers if it weren't for her teachers at Bluebells.

3. My daughter is very quiet and somewhat introverted. Bluebells has regular public speaking and stage performances even for nursery kids. She has become very confident on stage because of them.

I don't know about the other schools in your list, but my experience with Bluebells has been quite good so far.

Hope this helps :-)

All the best.



Aryama Dutta Saikia

Thanks for helping parents selflessly :)

Pls share the current fee structure of bluebells.

Fees have to be paid quarterly. The following are the fees we have paid in this academic year. We don't use the school bus. So, this fees do not include school bus.

Apr-Jun: Rs. 51220 (includes an annual fee, development fee, admission, security deposit: these have to be paid annually)

Jul-Sep: Rs. 27810

Oct-Dec: Rs. 27810

Jan-March: Rs. 27810

Hope this helps.

Thanks again :)


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