Exclusive thread for Draw of Lots Results and schools publishing first list before 24th Jan(If Any)

Parents are requested to help each other.

Pls post only relevant info, for any query start a new thread or blog.

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Please can anybody help with DOL results of Indraprastha International Dwarka. Tried calling the school multiple times, it's either busy or they don't answer.

Keep on calling, I called 15-20 times in the morning and then they answered. That is the only way to find out as they havnt uploaded the results yet anywhere.

Are they telling the results? I doubt. Same is with IP Paschim Vihar. They have the list but they are saying, it would be made live on 24th Jan only. 

oh ok thank you Shweta.. lemme try a few more times..

Same here they are'nt answering and said to check the list on 24jan

Hi Sakshi is it mandatory to attend the DPS vk dol?

No, unless  any school makes  it mandatory.

Darbari Lal  Published its first list yesterday

Got this list of DOL result for Indraprastha PV from one of the parents at DOL. Pl check. Cant verify the authenticity. I was not present during DOL.


also, there are certain numbers rounded up..and there is one missing. Let's wait till 24th or wait for a source.

Sunny Sharma

Thanks :)

Evergreen Public School, Vasundhara Enclave - List uploaded on school website



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