Every school has 20% management seats but they are not offering to public as of now, when does these seats get filled and how to approach schools for taking admission in Management Seats?

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Some sought after schools like  BVN,Cambridge NFC, Nirmal Bhartia  and other school offer seats in management quota without any donation( Deepening on vacancy and profiling of parents or in Twin cases).

Many schools have admissions open round the year, so they have to fill the seats and some schools are loosing their sheen in last few years( They get at least fees for MQ seat so they give admission in MQ without any donation).

Rest Contacts and Back door entry.

We are totally against donation that's why i did not reply earlier, wanted others parents to reply.

I concur. AN is against MQ since parents push quality education into trading commodity by paying illegal capitation fees. Filling of seats  in advance and making parents insecure is new trend  followed in few schools. Since parents are vying on top 5 schools even though many schools provide quality education schools increase the capitation fees which are generally taken in name of the trust.

Last year no child was left without admission in our forum. Parents should understand it and should not rush to  get confirm seats for money. 

It's in our hands to prevent commercialization of education. Don't seek help from any middle men or agents and be vigilant. Be a role model  for your kid and help fight corruption in education.


Anytime :)

Charu sharma

BVN is tough to get in Management  quota,Only Nirmal Bhartia among sought after schools in Dwarka which gives MQ seat without donation ( few seats after profiling of parents), rest all sought after schools in Dwarka ask for donation for MQ seats.

Also see.



Anytime :)

Any such school in south delhi pls.
Has the child been given admission ?

Hi Swati, I think you are talking about Nirmal Bhartia if i m not wrong as i saw your query in Dwarka  Group Top schools link.

Hope It helps other parents !!

Pls advise if any other school allows this.


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