Hi, my child has got through Shriram Aravali and Mother's International, please advise what is a better option and why

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Amaira Goel

it is personal choice.

But as first hand reviews of parents.

Shriram Aravali > Mother's International.

Shriram Aravali(Pro's New Age Methodology/ Holistic Growth).

Mother's International like Traditional School  but more focus on ethics in formative years rest it is you call.

Parent's who want middle class or simple crowd prefer Mother's Int.

What is the fee structure of both ?

Hi sakshi,

What about shriram vs dps international saket?

Shriram hands down.

If you are not looking for Cambridge curriculum from initial years as Shriram offers IB after 10th Class.

Thank you so much

Anytime :)

Mothers international ki list to kal aayegi. Aapka kaise ho gaya.

Could you please share the draw list of Mother's International.

Is that draw result out ? i believe it will be out on 24 JAN

That's what I am saying. List will be out tomorrow. How come ur child got selected.

No list is not out, being optimistic because it is a sibling case and high locality points

Great !

List is out on Mothers website


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