Can somepne help in ranking these:
The Srijan School, Model Town
Mata Jai Kaur Public School, Ashok Vihar
GD Goenka, Model town

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The Srijan School, Model Town  quite sought after and have positive reviews and better than other two.

Kindly share the fee structure of above school

Rest parents can share inputs

I got my kid admitted to The Srijan. Onething which made me feel good about Srijan is girls to boys ratio (1:1)... they shortlisted 45 girls and 45 boys in first draw...but after knowing the fact that 47 out of 90 seats were vacant before the second list, I got skeptical about the school... Seats on good schools normally fill fast.


1. It is New Age School. Main ideology followed is project based and holistic growth.

2  SPV staff was hired when school was started.

3 Parents whose children are studying in very happy with the school .(Senior classes).

4 Many parents either find it expensive or  want to for for Traditional school.

Pls share fee structure of all 3 schools to help other parents.

Can you share fee structure to help other parents.

Pls share the fee structure to help other parents.

Admission fee - 200
Annual charges - 28600
Tuition fee - 23595
Development fee - 3540
Total - 55935

Thanks, do you have fee structure of other two schools.

I dont have but in this area more or less fee structures are similar for all schools with max. Difference of 10-20k may be... GD goenka would of course be having a higher fee.

Thanks :)

That is wahy creates more confusion. If fee are similar, then where should we send our kid to.
I am planning yo write applications to montfort school, ashok vihar,
queen mary’s mode town,
St.thomas, mandir marg,
Springdales, Pusa road

to make a last attempt for management seats.

Every school follows different ideology.

The Srijan School is New Age School.

Rest see.

Kulachi hansraj fee:
Cbse- 53150
Cambridhe- 69850


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