Nursery Admissions In Gurgaon Schools 2018 -19 official thread for admission form dates/ results etc

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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, GURGAON  for Pre-Nursery and Nursery Admissions (2018-19) Sec 45


* Please ensure you have the correct form for your ward. Pre-Nursery: Purple Nursery: Green I - Eligibility

Q1. What is the Age Criteria for Pre-Nursery and Nursery?  Pre-Nursery: 3+ as on 30th Sept. 2018 Nursery: 4+ as on 30th Sept. 2018

Q2. What if my child is overage / underage by a day?  The school is firm about the age criteria and the child’s application will not be put in for the draw. Incorrect forms are automatically rejected.

Q3. When and how is the admission process initiated for the new academic year (Pre-Nursery and Nursery)?  The process is initiated through an admission notice in a national newspaper during the month of August.

Q4. How is the admission granted?  It is granted through a draw of lots which is conducted (in camera) in the school auditorium on a pre-notified date in the presence of parents.

Q5. How will I come to know the date for the draw of lots?  The date is mentioned in the Admission Notice, on the school portal as well as on the Registration Form.

Q6. Is it mandatory to be present for the draw of lots?  It is advisable that a parent of each candidate should make it convenient to attend the draw for his/her satisfaction. However, it is not compulsory and the names of all the registered children will be considered for the draw.

Q7.What is the distribution of seats for a given academic year?  The seats are divided into the following categories: General Sibling Alumna Staff/Management E.W.S Ratio 1:1- Boy: Girl

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, GURGAON SECTOR 45 Form Verification Slip Registration No.____________ Date: ______________________ Time: ______________ Venue: DPS Gurgaon, Primary Wing, Sector 47  Child must accompany the parent for verification.  Kindly carry the verification slip, registration slip as well as all original certificates as indicated in the Registration Form. * Please report not more than 15 minutes prior to the appointment.

Q8. What steps should I follow for Registration?  Registration- Registration is done at DPS Sector 45 as per the dates given in the Admission Notice.  Post Registration- Please get your papers verified at DPS Gurgaon, Primary Wing, Sector 47 according to the schedule stamped on your registration slip. On verification day the child seeking admission must accompany the parent. II – Process

Q9.When and how will we get to know the names of the selected candidates?  During the draw of lots, the name of the successful candidate from each category is simultaneously projected on the screen.  The consolidated lists as well as the names of the waitlisted candidates under each category can also be viewed on the school portal by 6 p.m. on the following working day.

Q10.If my child is shortlisted when do I complete the fee and other formalities?  Fee formalities should be completed according to the schedule given below:  Rs 10,000 to reserve the seat and show intent to admit the child by the due date announced on the day of the draw. (Generally 48 hours will be given to complete these formalities)  Balance to be paid between 1st Feb.’18 to 10th Feb.’18 at the Accounts Office, Sector-45. Non-compliance will invalidate the candidature and the seat will be offered to the first person on the waiting list.

Q11. If my child’s name is not shortlisted in the first lot, what is the next step?  A wait list is prepared for each category on the day of the draw. As and when a vacancy occurs the next name on the wait list is intimated by the school. III – After Admission

Q12.What is the next step after completion of fee formalities?  An Orientation Programme is conducted for the parents of selected candidates in the 3 rd / 4th week of February 2018. The date would be displayed on the school portal by the end of January 2018. You will be asked to present the fee receipt on the Orientation Day. Parents are requested to visit the school portal regularly to check for updates.

Q13.What happens on the Orientation Day?  It is an important programme which parents are expected to attend. Parents are introduced to the school Leadership Team; they get to know about the school’s philosophy and ethos.  They will interact with the class teachers and fill the required forms.  Books and uniforms are sold only on this day.  Transport department will allocate the bus routes (Transport facility is available on existing routes only).  Attendance of one parent on Orientation Day is mandatory.

Q14. Where are the Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes located?  D.P.S Gurgaon runs a separate Infant Wing at Sector 40 for the little ones so they can have their own little space in which they can be nurtured. Only classes are held here; for all administrative / transport issues parents will have to approach the main school at Sector 45.

 Please note that the promotion of the child from Infant Wing to Primary Wing and subsequently to the Senior School, Sec-45 is seamless and no re-admission is required. 

Log on to the school website: for regular updates

Suncity School Gurgaon to open admissions from 1 Aug 2017

Link for online form

Thanks for the update Sakshi.

IS this school till 12th std

Shalom Hill admissions still open for 2017-18

pls contact school for 2018-19 session

Any one getting an error when you try to register?

Hi Sakshi,

I have received date for verification of documents for DPS sector 45.

Could you please let me know what happens exactly during that process i.e. whether  they just check the documents or is there any interaction also of kid/parents  with the management.

If yes,what is the sole purpose of interaction 



Its Draw of lots and n one parent should go to attend it

No interaction

why do they call parents and child for verification then?? checking of docs can also be done by 1 parent

First notice for Suncity, Gurgaon is also out...


Thanks for the update

Welocome Sakshi.

Dear I have requested for the feedback of Kunskapsskolan International in comparison to Heritage, Shiva Nadar, TSR etc at other discussion group. Request your feedback pls.  


Its tough to compare as  all of then follow different ideology

I would suggest you to visit the school and see if you can relate with ideology of Kunskapsskolan as many parents could not

Pls see one parents review in detail why he could not relate below


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