Nursery Admissions In Gurgaon Schools 2019-20 official thread for admission form dates/ Results etc

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Thanks Sakshi

Not, if I would like to opt for a school with a daycare facility, so is any there any other good New Age school? 


GD Goenka Sec 48,LVIS.

Hi Sakshi,

We are not eager to send our child in very expensive school.

Please let me know some daycare school whose fees is not very high


Day boarding charges school specific.(Depending on time and facilities) you need to contact school individually.

Fees of Gurgaon Schools  for last year you can find in Fee Structure Group (Aug 2017 to Oct 2017 posts)

ok thanks

G D Goenka Sector 48 has daycare facility at the pre nursery campus.

I visited Suncity sector 54 on 4th August after filling up application form. School officials told us that admission confirmation mail will be sent within 5 working days (if admission is granted). School will not respond to this query on phone.

Among people who visited the school last weekend, has anybody received admission confirmation email? If I don't get it today, does that mean admission has not been granted?

I also have the same case. Noone is responding on the number mentioned on their website.

I think, in this case, we can again visit the school since they are open for school tour till 12th Aug.


Did they ask any questions or profiling in filling up application form.

Actually, I completed the online registration after having the school tour on 5th Aug.
So, when visited the school, since I did not fill the form yet, they did not ask any question. 

Blue Bells Registration open.

Contact school for details.

I visited the school last week after submitting the online application. Still it was nothing sort of interview. It is all based on the points. They will prefer students who are near by. I haven't heard anything from school yet. Admissions are on rolling basis. It is not a transparent system though.


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