Nursery Admissions In Gurgaon Schools 2019-20 official thread for admission form dates/ Results etc

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Hi Sakshi

What is the last date to apply. And do we have any reviews of same.

Also is it a traditional/hybrid/New Age school?


Anuj Jain


No last date given.

Its more of Hybrid  ICSE school

See the reviews below.

Which schools will consider admission of child of 3 years of age (Jan 2016 born)? Also please can you rank these schools?


See the list of schools taking 3 yrs on 31 Mar.

If you are looking for New age School then GD Goenks Sec 48 is most sought after among these.

See parents first hand reviews below.

In Traditional School  Amiown/ Amity Sector 46.

See the reviews below.

Thanks Sakshi for your unconditional support, i have taken admission in GDG Sec 48.

DPS Maruti Kunj Admissions opem

Hi Sakshi,

I got a call from GD Goenka regarding deposit of fees and admission. 

I had a word with Salwan, there result will be out on 12th and also had a word with Lotus Valley there result will be out on 27th.

Need your suggestion whether I should wait for the above mentioned results or pay the fees and take admission in GD Goenka


Basic rule of Nursery Admissions block your first seat in Good School.

What is the Guarantee of you getting selected in Salwan or LVIS.

Better take admission in GD Goenka Sec 48 as they have only 125 seats in Nursery as confirmed by parents on FCFS basis.

Take final call later.

Thanks alot Shakshi for your prompt and valuable reply.

We had taken admission in GD Goenka


Heartiest Congratulations :)

Thank u So much

Does anyone received call from salwan?


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