Looking for International schools in Noida for my son.

Any feedback/review on which is better: Kothari, Lotus Valley or Amity Noida?

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Amity Noida better than kothari better than lotus valley

Thanks a lot Amol and Sakshi. It will be extremely helpful if you can tell a more about parameters in which Amity is better than Kothari. Also knowing both +ves and -ves of both schools will be great :)

@ Sidharth, Pluses first

1.Amity gives a lot of stress on academics and also has excellent X XII results

2. It's even a front runner in extra curricular activities.

3. Till class 4, it has sections divided age wise... as in children born in Jan Feb March are put in one section for example, so that child can be with peer of same age and cope up accordingly.

4. It is an established school, running with fine reputation and good results overall

The negatives

1. Total number of children. It has 14-15 sections in nursery itself.

2. Stress on academics sometimes can become stressfull. For instance they arrange extra classes from nursery itself, for children who are lagging behind in picking up studies or writing

Sidharth Shyamuskha

Sanjay has given correct analysis about Amity.

Rest see details about Kothari.


Thanks a lot everyone. Visited Kothari on Monday. We were given an elaborate form (which is also available online) and then taken for a tour of the school. Liked the teaching method and infrastructure. They took kids in a different room (my son did not tell what they asked :( ). Finally there was a 1-1 meeting with the head of junior wing. We were asked about why are we choosing Kothari, which other schools are we looking at etc. 

We also got the fee structure of 2018-19

Also see as shared by Balbir Kaur



Sidharth Shyamuskha

Thanks for helping parents :)

Sanjay, please can you let know about the schools which have sections divided age wise, would be very helpful?

Sanjay could you please reply?

Can someone please confirm dates for Amity school form ?

sanjay could you also elaborate about lotus valley as reviews posted on parentree is mostly 5 to 6 years old....

thanks sanjay...as my preferred schools in noida are 

1. apeejay

2. lotus valley

3. father agnel

dps not selected

chances of amity also very slim...


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