Nursery Admissions In Gurgaon Schools 2019-20 official thread for admission form dates/ Results etc

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Sakshi, What about Gems international?

I had discussion with one of the parents, their kid was going to KG class in Maurya.

In mid session they took her out and enrolled in Gems international. Now she is in 1st.

She said its far better than Maurya.


Its personal choice, See the reviews below.

Thanks Sakshi for the prompt response.

Anytime :)

What is the end date of registration in HDFC school starting 1st Aug? And have they issues any timeline for visiting school for tour?




In HDFC admissions are open round the year.

Rest see procedure bellow.

Hi Sakshi,

We are planning for school tour of Suncity this weekend. Do we have to fill any questionnaire there? or its just a school tour. Anything we need to be prepared for?



Yes in previous years parents were asked to fill questionnaire.But no interactions of children now from last few years.

But don't know about this year, whether after shortlisting or at the time of school tour.

no questionnaire round this year.. Have been to school today. Selection looks to be more on the basis of points.

Thank you. This is open from long time as it is new school. :) Looking at the dates of all the schools it is getting difficult to decide. Shiv Nadar will declare result sometime by end of sept and by that time almost all other schools will close admission. And currently my 1st preference is Shiv Nadar. Ideally all schools should declare results at almost same time so that parents will have option to choose.


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