Nursery Admissions In Gurgaon Schools 2019-20 official thread for admission form dates/ Results etc

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Presidium Admissions Opem

Any feedback about the school.

Is the GD Goenka world school and GD Goenka public school are managed by the same management.

Which of the 2 are better.


Yes both belong to GD Goenka Group.

GD Goenka world school follows Int curriculum.

GD Goenka public school Sec 48 follows CBSE curriculum.

It is quite sought after and have positive reviews from the parents who ward are studying in the school.


You shall be receiving the response from them, keep a close eye on your emails (especially spam). If you have already attended the curriculum desk and submitted the slip to them, then no need to attend the CD again. 

Thanks Urvashi..Did you receive any communication from the school yet?

Bluebells Sec 4  Sibling admissions Open.

( For Gen Category  admissions would be open soon as no confirm date given to our team by admission department )

Contact school for details.


Yes, I filled the application form on 6th Aug (after attending the school tour on 5th Aug) and I received the acknowledgment on 10th Aug. Now, waiting for results, I believe shall be out by 17th Aug.

FYI... They do not send any regret emails, only selected applications will receive an email.

I spoke to someone at school's front desk to inquire about nursery admission results.. She informed that we should tentatively wait till August last week for results...

Though not sure whether the school already sent communication to few of the selected applicants or if all selected applicants will get communication in one go..

Ok Thanks Bharat

Urvashi, did you receive any acknowledgement on mail? Or are you referring to the ack receipt downloaded from the portal?


received ack thru email. 

Scottish High  Registrations Open from 23 Aug.


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