Nursery Admissions In Gurgaon Schools 2019-20 official thread for admission form dates/ Results etc

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All day boarding schools are expensive.

You need to search as per your requirement as more new schools also coming.


You can check with Shalom Presidency once.

Has anyone here received call for interaction from Shiv Nadar?

Hi TA, Have you received any call from Shiv Nadar?

Because As I know they have a lottery system, which will be out on 23rd Sep I believe.

Kindly share if you know anyone started receiving the call also.

Yes, I did receive a call for interaction from Shiv Nadar

Awesome. Congratulations!

Congratulations ! As per my understanding only sibling cases are receiving calls at present. Is yours' a sibling case too ?

Any feedback for Meenakshi Public School

Not much and mixed reviews ( best to talk to parents at the time of disbursal)

Hi Sakshi,

Can you please help me with few good schools which are based partially/completely on Experiential Learning. Those I know are:-

Sri Ram Aravali

Please add into the list.

Anuj Jain


Many New Age Schools follows different ideology and focus on Holistic Growth.

Like Pathways, Shiv Nadar,G D Goenka (World School and Sec 48),Kunskapsskolan,Vega etc.

Whether  you can relate with ideology or not,best way is to talk to parents at the time of disbursal.

As many parents cannot relate with ideology of different schools.


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