Nursery Admissions In Gurgaon Schools 2019-20 official thread for admission form dates/ Results etc

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Sakshi One more query, there is salwan montessori school and salwan public school.

So what is the difference between them

Sakshi would request you to please reply on this.


For Admission related queries please contact at 9540040201 or 0124-4886068 between 8.00am to 3.30pm.

Is Aadhar mandatory in any school ? For a kid born in US, I think we can't get aadhar card. Right ? What is the alternative in this case.


Yes,contact school for details, what document they will accept.

ok. Thanks


Hi Sakshi,

For Salwan they have asked for copy of Aadhaar, so if aadhaar is not available what should we do?

Also what are the registration charges for Salwan?

Thanks and Regards,


Sorry, actually I was not able to see my previous post, so thought it is not posted properly.

Jan 2014


You try in following schools as it depends on vacancy.


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